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Ministers Council

    • Dr. Andre` H. Owens, Senior Pastor
    • Rev. Pamela Bishop, Associate Minister
    • Rev. Charles Riley, Associate Minister

Deacon Ministry

    • Deacon Charles Murphy, Chair
    • Deacon Emmanual Taylor
    • Deacon James Perry

Deaconess Ministry

    • Deaconess Francine E. Owens, Chair
    • Deaconess Johnnie Mae Davis
    • Deaconess Juanita D. Robinson

Trustee Ministry

    • Trustee Charles J. Murphy, Chair
    • Deacon Emmanuel Taylor, Assistant to Trustees
    • Trustee Henrietta E. Rollins, Treasurer
    • Trustee Arlette J. King, Financial Secretary
    • Deaconess Johnnie Mae Davis, Assistant to Trustees
    • Sister Yvette Sears, Assistant to Trustees

Men’s Ministry

    • Deacon Charles J. Murphy
    • Deacon Emmanuel Taylor
    • Brother Bobbie Sears
    • Brother Kenneth Jefferson
    • Brother Harrison Mahoney

Women’s Ministry

    • Deaconess Johnnie Mae Davis, Chair
    • Deaconess Francine E. Owens, Vice Chair
    • Trustee Henrietta E. Rollins, Secretary/Treasurer
    • Trustee Arlette J. King, Chaplain

Music Ministry

  • Mother Christine G. Wilson, Chair

Voices of St. Phillips

      • Trustee Arlette J. King, President
      • Trustee Henrietta E. Rollins, Vice President

Sunday School Ministry

  • Deacon Charles J. Murphy, Teacher
  • Sister Mary Gerald, Teacher

Church Secretary

  • Trustee Arlette J. King

Children’s Moment Ministry

    • Deaconess Francine E. Owens
    • Deaconess Johnnie Mae Davis
    • Sister Yvette Sears

Church Bulletin Clerk

  • Deaconess Francine E. Owens

Senior Usher Board

  • Brother Harrison Mahoney, Jr., Acting President

Men’s Usher Board

      • Brother Harrison Mahoney, Jr.
      • Brother Carroll M. King

Usher Board #2

    • Trustee Henrietta E. Rollins, President
    • Trustee Arlette J. King, Treasurer
    • Sister Yvette Sears